The Best Escape Rooms In Los Angeles

Escaping from the locked room is a popular activity for team building that makes people look at their friends, colleagues and relatives in completely new ways. Actually, some puzzle rooms allow gamers to play with total strangers. That’s really fantastic to learn people’s strengths in extreme situations and realize that you’re not alone – you’re a member of a close-knit team even if this team consists of unknown people.

However, what makes great escape rooms great? The top-notch quest rooms are the places where the puzzles and entertainments are combined in the right proportions. They usually offer a wide range of room escape games, the most intriguing stories and the immense variety of characters. Thus, gamers have an opportunity to choose a puzzle room based on their previous gaming experience and preferences.

Are you a fan of escape rooms? Do you like scouring the space for clues and decoding difficult keys? Are you ready to solve puzzles of varying complexity and work as a good team to reach the main goal? If so, you should know that the most thrilling and impressive quest rooms are located in Los Angeles. But due to the fact that the number of escape rooms is constantly increasing, it’s not that easy to choose the most amazing one among this rich diversity. We’ve decided to help you out and compiled the list of the best escape rooms in Los Angeles, CA. Check out our list with brief reviews of every panic room and choose the next place where you will challenge and develop your skills with a group of friends or in the company of strangers.

The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience, Sylmar, Los Angeles

What is the best escape room in Los Angeles? Well, that’s not an easy question to answer, but we’re going to try…

There are a lot of excellent LA escape rooms, however, the Basement is the best and the most frequently visited one. This conclusion is based on a tremendous amount of positive reviews left out on the website by its extremely pleased guests.

As you know, it’s one thing to watch a horror movie and a completely different thing to be trapped inside one of such stories. The Basement gives you a chance to find out just what you’re capable of and whether you’re really a team player. There you can test yourself in four various cells like The Basement, The Elevator Shaft, The Courtyard, and The Study. And remember, the Basement has a nice sequence of puzzles that can help players escape the room, but they will intrigue customers to the end.

Questroom, Koreatown, Los Angeles

The lobby of Questroom, an amazing escape cell destination in the heart of Los Angeles, is the most favorite spot of most escape room lovers of California and many other states. When you come to Questroom to make you and your team cheer up, you feel a unique environment of this enigmatic place. One glance at the personnel which definitely fits this horrible area with their themed grabs and make-up and you are ready to pick yourself up and start.

Questroom also features a set of highly atmospheric and crafty rooms with mind-bending logic riddles. Today, every player can choose from 6 immersive variations of rooms: The Party Hard, The Cannibal’s Den, The Perfumer, The Bloody Elbow, DA Vinci’s Challenge, and The Red Gant. But soon, luckily or fans, there will be prepared one more room – The Polar Station. The chambers themselves set up the right mood for adventure thanks to their well-thought-out design decisions.

Hatch Escapes, Mid-City, Los Angeles

This unique escape room company offers its players only one chamber that is called The Lab Rat. Some people don’t understand that and often ask whether the developers cannot create at least one or two more rooms. But why would they design more bunkers if not every team can cope with this one which is much harder than meets the eye!

The idea of the Lab Rat is quite thrilling: the huge rats are doing experiments on you and your team members and if you can escape from the first section, you’ll get into a crazy maze where you’ll have to become a good team in order to find the way out. Don’t forget that the Lab Rat includes the most intricate and original puzzles to offer the perfect combination of physical tasks and logical challenges.

Escape Hotel Hollywood, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Escape Hotel Hollywood is one of the top escape rooms LA offers to the tourists who love a risky adventure and the city residents who want to break from the routine. It is also the world’s largest escape themed place designed in a ghostly hotel style of the 1930s, which is conveniently situated in the center of Hollywood – on the Walk of Fame. Most escape room fans point out that it is quite easy to reach this special hotel, but it can be very difficult to find free space to park the car. However, such a small problem can’t keep you from going to the Escape Hotel because there you will be totally immersed in a mysterious atmosphere to enjoy the feeling of your adrenaline rush.

Once you step into this hotel, you see a wonderful reception area where all the staff is dressed up in topical creepy costumes, so you immediately realize where you are. At the front desk, they give you out a passport which surprisingly looks like a real one with your actual photograph. This is your main document while you are at the Escape Hotel where remains the information about the rooms you’ve previously done, the room you’ve picked now and, moreover, the points that you earn during the challenge are also recorded there.

You have the option to choose among 11 different escape chambers. The most popular ones are The Circus, The Cocaine, The Cursed Crypt, The Witchcraft, and The Zombie.

Horror Escapes LA, Downtown, Los Angeles

One of the most popular escape rooms in LA for horror story fans, Horror Escape LA is a perfect place where people can strengthen their nerves. The escape area of this company looks appealingly even on the website, let alone the live escape rooms… They are extremely terrifying and Horror Escape LA presents two storylines and proposes 4 chambers to play in. Dr. X includes three chapters: The Captive Chamber, The Dr. Office, and The Zombie Lab. And the second storyline offers one room that is called The Edmond’s Attic.

If you know or feel that your nerves can stand in such extreme situations and, moreover, you’re able to use your brains to solve risky and tough tasks, Horror Escape LA is the proper choice for you.

Fox in a Box Escape Room, West Hollywood, Los Angeles

One more escape room Los Angeles is proud of is Fox in a Box. There is a solid reason for this. Admitted by Forbes,  Fox in a Box is “The Best Room Escape Live Los Angeles of 2016” and it tries to keep up with this rank and today.

This puzzle room gratifies its visitors by awesome sets that are worthy of a true Hollywood thriller, the most realistic sound effects and exceptional use of different clues to escape like maps, locks, projected light, and secret cabinets. With 8 various bunkers which differ in themes and briefs, Fox in a Box Escape Room offers a large number of challenging missions for smart individuals. There you can do such rooms as The Zodiac, The Zombie Lab, The Prison Break, The Central Bank, The Tesla’s Mystery, The Cold War (there are two absolutely identical escape chambers because they’re in great demand among escape room fans) and The Dracula: The Final Hour.

Escape Chronicles, North Hollywood, Los Angeles

When it comes to the fascinating escape room LA you should definitely visit, Escape Chronicles is what you need. Situated in North Hollywood, near Burbank, this scary company is founded for an incredible, mentally-stimulated activity. There are only two rooms available in Escape Chronicles, but they are filled with a range of gadgetry and technology in order to provide its players with a load of challenges and fun.

The first room called the Smugglers Tunnels is a hidden heist designed as a moderate complex game with light role-playing. If you’re a beginner in escape room experience, The Smugglers Tunnels is a perfect option for you. It gives players initial experience and evokes greater interest in this awesome activity.

The Testing Facility is the second puzzle-focused chamber that fits people who have previous experience in such activity and a good sense of humor. This bunker offers gamers an extremely difficult puzzle game with a character that makes their brain work harder and smile as wide as possible thanks to the entertaining storyline.

Enigma Escape Room, Hollywood, Los Angeles

If you like playing in a team and get a rush with every riddle you solve, you should attend Enigma Escape Room LA where you can enjoy thousands of clever and interesting puzzles in available cells.

Enigma Escape Room has 5 scary chambers – The Secret Temple, Apartment 205, The Will, Crime Scene, and The Séance. All the rooms are amazingly designed with shocking sets and strong props. You’ll be full of strange feelings – suspense and ambiguity – when you enter the room you’re going to do. The atmosphere is indescribable. But it would be really better once to visit this place than just to read reviews.

Ready for full immersion, go to Enigma Escape Room without any hesitation. Be sure you’ll get tons of adrenaline and unforgettable emotions there!

Get The F Out Room, Downtown, Los Angeles

Having only two panic rooms, Get the F Out Room attracts a higher number of visitors than other Los Angeles escape rooms with 5 and more available bunkers. Why is it so? Well, it’s quite simple to explain. Get The F Out Room is a company that focuses on quality than on quantity.

The Virus and The Experiment are two chambers in Get The F Out Room, which have some similar and distinguishing traits. Both rooms can please the players by multiple puzzles with a mix of various things to solve. However, the Virus features an uncommon method of clue-giving. The person who hints around about how to discover an antidote and escape from the room is in the bunker with a team. The Virus is also more tech-oriented chamber while the Experiment contains many novel tangible puzzles and starts with splitting the team into two separate groups.

Maze Rooms, Hollywood, Los Angeles

Being one of the top-rated panic rooms in the US (actually, not only in Los Angeles), the lobby of Maze Rooms is one of the very first spots you should be looking to get into the atmosphere of hopelessness and find enthralling game options. There are 15 most varied game variants for any taste. Even the most fastidious guests can find something appropriate for them and their teams. It is noteworthy that when you book your game online on the website, you can use the promo code and get up to 25% off discount.

Among the newest and the most sought-after chambers in Maze Rooms are The Sky Odyssey, The World of Illusion, The Abyss, The Dragon’s Lair, The Vampire, The Pharaoh’s Tomb, and Jack The Ripper. Here you can find some kid-friendly rooms like The Magic Kingdom and The Wizard’s Tower, classic medium difficulty level games, for example, The One Way Ticket and The Demon Hunter, difficult and even impossible ones – The Pirate Bay and The Portail. And in the near future, two more exciting rooms will become available in Maze Rooms – The Lost In Space and They’re Coming.

But don’t think that this place is created only to scare you! That’s not true because the main goal of Maze Rooms like any other good escape room in LA is to rack your brains, call you to action and make you reveal your hidden talents and skills.